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Liberamusic is the record label founded in 1996 by singer Antonella Ruggiero, who successfully led, with her extraordinary voice, Italian pop band Matia Bazar for more than a decade. During that time her band sold millions of records worldwide.
Under the label Liberamusic Antonella Ruggiero has published all her solist albums starting from “Libera” to “Genova, la Superba”, exploring all music genres from pop, sacred, ethnic and jazz.
Libera is also a music lab and research project, where many artists the world over are able to share Antonella Ruggiero’s passion for all aspects of music. Among the Libera artists we must mention worldwide famous “virtuoso” guitar players Maurizio Colonna and Frank Gambale, and percussionist Ivan Ciccarelli.
One of Liberamusic’s goals is to give musical talents from Italy and from the world the chance to be produced in their own records or participate in Antonella Ruggiero’s various music projects.
Liberamusic has its own online shop. On Antonella Ruggiero’s web site you can buy cd and dvd produced by the label as well as follow the projects of both Antonella Ruggiero and other artists produced by the label.

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